Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Mike & Jenna's wedding at The Kingston Estate Totnes. It was a stunning day in a beautiful wedding venue, with wall to wall sunshine from sunrise to sunset. 

I must however admit to being slightly disappointed about the prospect of missing England's World Cup Quarter Final clash with Sweden. You can imagine my relief then when Mike and Jenna informed me they had arranged for a projector to play the match during the wedding breakfast. Amazing! I still feel this was very good of them as it was their special day.

Completely coincidentally, Mike and Jenna had arranged to cut their wedding cake before food was served, which is slightly unusual. I was in the process of filming them cut the cake whilst keeping half an eye on the projector to my left. Then all of a sudden, the place erupted when Harry Maguire scored to put England one nill up. I could barely contain myself but somehow managed to not drop my camera rig! 

England ended up winning the match and emotions were running on overdrive for the rest of the day. It is certainly a wedding I will never forget.

The day after any wedding, I always have a look through my footage of the day. This wedding was no exception and when I came across that very special moment, I felt I had to share it.

I posted the short clip on Rowe Films' Facebook page and within minutes Devon Live, our regional paper, had jumped on it. Then things got a bit mad. I had phone calls from all sorts of media outlets including national newspapers and even Irish TV channels! The video has now been shared by the likes of The Sun, The Mirror, MSN, Yahoo, among others. 

What a cool experience! 

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