Art, as I see it, communicates something of the human experience. It’s about being alive to the present, honouring the past, and creating a treasure for the future. From day one I set out to approach wedding filmmaking differently. Not as a videographer, but as a storyteller. To find the narrative and theme running through the day, then present that story with as much atmosphere, emotion, and visual gravitas as possible. My mission is to allow my couples to remember exactly what it felt like making eye contact for the first time on the wedding day. That human connection deserves something truly special and I strive to use every tool at my disposal, combined with time, effort and love, to create a truly cinematic movie experience that is absolutely unique.

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 started when...

I'm Tommy Rowe – a freelance Filmmaker, Videographer, Commercial Drone Pilot and Musician based in Exeter, Devon. I carry out a variety of videography commissions but choose to specialise in Wedding Videography.

My interest in film began many years ago, when I was tasked with creating promotional videos for our popular function band Eventine. One thing led to another, and as my abilities developed, so did my passion for the art of cinematography. Years later, I am working full time in an industry that I truly love, specialising in wedding filmmaking. How lucky am I?!


A few Quick Facts About Me!

  1. I’m a proud Cornishman raised in Devon

  2. As of next year, I will have been the drummer in a professional function band for half of my life

  3. I am a Great Nephew of the late great Dame Barbara Hepworth

  4. I love my other half and our (slightly vicious) cat, Molly

I believe every person has a story to tell and my ambition is to capture it in motion. There are many great videographers out there taking excellent footage set to music; however, I believe there is much more to a wedding, an event or promotional film than that. I want to tell stories, and create narratives that touch the hearts and souls of those who watch them.  I love to film people.  I strive to capture personalities, emotions and expressions on faces in my work.  I love to document moments that tell a much bigger story.  I combine this with beautiful imagery: aerial footage of local venues and the stunning Westcountry.  The result is a film that leaves a lasting impression.

Although I focus primarily on wedding videography, I am also very busy creating promotional videos for businesses, events, and creatives. I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to stimulate my creativity. It truly is a love that continues to grow and I want to share that with you. It would be a great pleasure to get to know you, capture your moments, your thoughts, your expressions, your love, and the relationships that are important in your lives.

So grab a cuppa, sit down and take a look at some of my work. Then, feel free to drop me a message so that we can talk about documenting your precious memories in cinematic film.