As well as being a filmmaker, I’m also the drummer in popular covers band Eventine, based in Devon. Two of the loves in my life are filmmaking and music. I am so fortunate that my livelihood combines the two. How incredibly lucky am I?

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As of next year, I will have been the drummer in Eventine for half of my entire life. It still shocks me just thinking about. It all started with myself and a school friend, at the grand age of 15, getting together with some friends of my family (a gigging duet) for a jam. At first just for fun and to see what happens. Well, one thing led to another and with buckets of hard work, commitment and dedication, the band went from strength to strength. After a couple of line up changes over the years, plus the addition of another school friend on keys, our hard work paid off and today we’re one of the region’s most popular function bands. This is something I am genuinely proud of. For all 5 of us “Eventiners”, the band has always been like an extension of our family, but today, more so than ever.


Those of you that have followed Eventine over the years will recall that we used to produce videos fairly frequently. It’s even where I cut my teeth in the world of cinematography. However, we’ve been rather slack as of late. Isn’t it funny how life sometimes takes over?

Every Tuesday evening we all get together at our singer’s parents’ house to rehearse. This is valuable time away from live shows not just to practice new material, but also to discuss plans and all things band related. As 5 very close friends, family even, it’s also time to make a bit of noise and prat about. Every single time without fail, we end up belly laughing over something most people probably wouldn’t find funny in the slightest. That’s bands for you. But back to the point; we’ve always thought the room we use for rehearsals is a great space, and a really quirky environment. So recently, we had an idea…

Eventine’s ‘Library Sessions’ are hopefully going to be a regular thing going forward. No, they ARE going to be a regular thing, as we are committed to making it happen. Especially so over the winter months, as both Rowe Films and Eventine are slightly quieter on the wedding front. Our music videos used to be rather intensive productions. Over the top, perhaps! Often, the audio would be recorded and mixed before shooting a video to go with it. As much fun as this was, the premise for the Library Sessions is to completely strip that back to what we love the most and do best; performing completely live.

As both the drummer and video producer, it’s quite challenging to juggle both at the same time, however these videos don’t need to be overly extravagant or visually creative. To do so would be to take away from the point of these sessions. So we’re keeping it simple and letting the music do the talking. We want the videos to give those who are interested a bit of a glimpse behind the scenes, but also provide our fans with a completely live performance, recorded professionally in a controlled environment. The Library is the perfect location for this. Homely and laid back is very much the vibe we’re going for. Just like a stripped back live performance in someone’s living room. From a video production perspective, it’s a matter of setting up as we would for any rehearsal, lighting the set and recording what we perform. Simple as that!

I’m really excited about this project. The feedback from our first Session has been truly amazing and just goes to show there’s a lot of potential. It’s a great opportunity for us and we have so many ideas, so many plans. We’re already hard at work planning the second video and we’ve been chatting with another local artist, whom many of you will no doubt know. The only thing I am able to confirm at this stage is; the next Library Session is going to be a collaboration with an incredible female vocalist, and I think it’s going to be quite special, so watch this space!

Here is the first instalment in Eventine’s Library Sessions. We tested the water by filming a funky mix we’ve been experimenting with recently, featuring ‘Attention’ by Charlie Puth, the classic that is ‘Superstition’, and a little bit of Bee Gees for good measure. It’s rough and ready, a work in progress, but hopefully it gets your hips moving!

We hope you enjoy and please stay tuned for the next instalment. It’s coming sooner than you think.