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I am a professional cinematographer and filmmaker, specialising in wedding videography.

I produce contemporary, truly cinematic wedding films intended to be cherished forever.

If you book Rowe Films to document your wedding, you can rest assured that you have booked a videographer with a burning passion and love for his craft, a dedicated commitment to quality, and a genuine desire to tell your individual story in the most unique way possible. 

I am truly blessed to have what I believe to be the best job in the world.





What can you expect from Rowe Films as a professional wedding videographer? 

Beautiful visuals combined with genuinely compelling storytelling

An absolute dedication to quality

To have lots of fun!


What is different about ROWE FILMS?

A ROWE FILMS production is very much unique in look and feel

An emphasis on atmosphere, mood, and emotion

A recognisable, artistic style but no film is ever the same as the last

A videographer focused on creating stunning visuals, beautiful colour grading and a 'movie like' feel

A videographer whom is also a musician, and understands the importance of music in cinematography




We honestly cannot say how grateful we are to Tommy at Rowe Films for filming our special day. He is so talented, professional, creative and not only that he is a true gentleman!
— Scott & Ami Laskey




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By far one of the most common complaints I hear from newlyweds is that they considered a wedding film, decided against it, and ended upo regretting it. A professional wedding film captures the day in a way that photography alone cannot. 'Motion Pictures' have the incredible power to transport you back to those precious moments. When captured in film, those memories can be cherished and relived over and over again, forever. If you had the chance to see a film of your grandparents' wedding day, wouldn't you like to see it? So yes, you definitely should book a Wedding Filmmaker!


ROWE FILMS blurs the lines between art and wedding videography. Each and every ROWE FILMS wedding film is unique and tells the story of the individual couples. One of the most common compliments I receive from my clients, and others that follow my work, is that my productions look and feel like movies. I focus less on inanimate objects and more so on the people that make memories. I love to film people. The expressions on faces and those intimate, sentimental moments. When editing wedding films, I strive to create real atmosphere, mood and emotion. I am often told that my films are powerful enough to make complete strangers shed a tear. This is quite possibly the greatest compliment anyone could possibly give me and continues to enshrine my love for wedding videography. Thanks to only accepting a limited number of commissions per year, I am also able to take a very personal approach to every wedding film.

+ When do we need to book you?

Demand for my wedding videography services is currently extremely high. I produce all of my wedding films myself and as a result, only take on a limited number of commissions each year. This means I can dedicate more time to each one and focus on creating something truly unique and special. However, it also means that I book up well in advance, therefore I recommend contacting me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

+ How much do you charge?

Check out my current wedding packages, with prices and information above!

+ Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A deposit is required to secure the booking. This will usually be around £250.

+ How far can you travel?

I predominantly cover the South West including Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, however distance is not a limiting factor. So far my wedding videography services have taken me as far as Cyprus, and I am willing to travel to wherever a wedding takes me. My quotes will factor in expenses relating to travel and accommodation if necessary.

+ How many hours do you cover on the wedding day?

Unlike many Wedding Videographers, I do not work on an hourly basis and do not dictate a finish time. My job is to produce a compelling wedding film, so it is very much in my interest to stay on if there are events still to happen that will add value to the final production. My finish time is something I like to call on the day and I only leave when I am personally satisfied that I have covered all of the main events, and have sufficient footage to tell your story. All weddings vary, however most commonly I will be with you from bridal preparations in the morning, right through to the evening reception, first dance, and stay on for a time afterwards to capture the party!

+ Can you do Stills Photography as well as Videography?

I am a wedding filmmaker specialising in high end Wedding Films. In my personal opinon, I don't believe it's possible to do a top quality job of both at the same time and instead focus all of my skills and expertise into producing wedding films. Therefore I do not offer stills photography wedding packages. A top quality Wedding Photographer and high end Wedding Film are the perfect compliment for each other and I would always recommend booking both if you want your day to be documented in the best way possible. I have worked with many photographers and can provide recommendations.

+ Why do you choose to specialise in wedding videography?

In a nutshell, because I am fascinated and intrigued by human beings, our relationships, and how we interact with one another. Weddings encapsulate the most powerful of human emotions; Love. As a storyteller, what better way to tell a compelling story than to capture one of the most important days in the lives of two people? On top of that, there is no better 'job satisfaction' one can get than to provide a couple with lifelong memories. Something they can show to their children, grandchildren and generations to come.

+ What is your approach to filming a wedding day?

Your Wedding Videographer (and Photographer) will be with you, or nearby, for much of the day. My couples often tell me it was like having a friend with them, which is another amazing compliment! I approach every wedding with the intention of having fun. It is paramount that the footage I capture on the day truly reflects the essence of the wedding and the personality of my couples. In order to do this, the bride and groom as well as their guests need to have fun. They also need to feel completely at ease with my presence. So expect lots of laughter and at certain points throughout the day, to forget I am even there. I also strive to work with your other suppliers (such as your photographer) to ensure all of us get the best results that we possibly can. I approach every wedding on the understanding that each supplier has their own job to do, but I strive to work with them as a team, even if I've not worked with them previously. My number one priority is to ensure that the couple enjoy their special day.

+ What if we don't enjoy being on camera?

Some people feel more relaxed in front of a camera than others. However, my clients often tell me that thanks to my approach, they felt completely at ease and even enjoyed being filmed! Even if you don't particularly enjoy being photographed or filmed, this is nothing to be concerned about. I always work with my couples and approach the day intending to make them, as individuals, feel as comfortable as possible. Never will you be made to feel awkward, or asked to do anything you do not want to do. My job is to ensure you enjoy every moment of your day as much as you possibly can.

+ What videography equipment do you use?

Like any skill, it's important to continue to invest in the tools required to do a job well. ROWE FILMS is no exception. I utilise the latest technology to get the best results possible. I film most weddings with two cameras and a variety of lenses which serve different purposes. I use tripods, monopods and a stabilisation gimbal in order to achieve those beautifully smooth, cinematic shots. I also use high quality microphones and audio equipment to ensure I capture clear audio during the ceremony and speeches. Then of course, there is the drone, which I employ to capture those beautiful aerial views. When it comes to the editing stage, I have invested in top of the range hardware and software, to ensure the post-production process produces the desired results and the end result is something to be proud of.

+ Is drone use included?

Yes, as standard with no additional cost. My drone travels with me to every single wedding! However, drones cannot fly in adverse weather conditions - high wind and/or rain. Doing so would put people and property at risk and for any drone pilot, safety must come first. I will do everything possible to ensure that those amazing drone shots are captured, however it will be dependent on the weather on the day.

+ Are you a licensed and insured drone pilot?

Yes. I am a fully insured and qualified 'Small Unmanned Aircraft' pilot, with permission to carry out commercial operations from the Civil Aviation Authority. In the UK it is illegal to fly drones for commercial purposes without the necessary qualifications and permission from the CAA, so this is a must have for any supplier intending to operate a drone at a wedding. Without this, there can be no valid insurance and an accident could be extremely bad news for all concerned. I am a responsible drone operator and adhere to UK Air Law and the rules of the air at all times. I always carry out the necessary pre-operation checks before the wedding day, and pride myself on being up front with my clients about any potential issues flying in the wedding locations (such as restricted airspace and nearby airports, for example).

+ Can we meet you before the wedding?

Absolutely. In fact, this is very much my preference. I always like to meet with my couples face to face whenever possible. I do believe that I actually get more out of these meetings than my couples do! I strive to capture the personalities of the bride and groom in every one of my films, and it really helps me to get to know them a bit before the big day. It is also a great way to run over the details and logistics of the wedding day to ensure plans are in place and everyone is on the same page. Where this isn't possible, due to distances being too great for example, a simple telephone, Skype or Facetime call will work just fine. If you book ROWE FILMS as your wedding videographer, I will be on hand via telephone or email during the run up to the wedding to answer any questions you may have, and assist in any way I can.

+ How do you deliver wedding films?

All of my films are delivered in full High Definition via USB stick. This allows me to provide the highest quality file possible to my clients. The USB stick is presented in a ROWE FILMS branded gift box and posted to your home address, or hand delivered if distances allow. I am always contactable should you require assistance with playback.

+ What is your turnaround time for our completed wedding film?

One of the reasons I chose to limit the number of weddings I take on in any given year, is so that I can put as much time and effort as I could possibly need into every single one, in order to produce a unique, 'high end' film. Some videographers will produce dozens of wedding films per year, but in my honest opinion, high quantities come at the cost of quality. My approach to wedding filmmaking means each film takes a considerable amount of time to produce to the standard I expect. At busy times of year I may be shooting weddings faster than I can edit them, which means turnaround times will be longer. If you're willing to wait a little longer for a personal approach, resulting in a truly special film that will document your memories for the rest of your lives, then you've come to the right place...

+ Can we choose the music in our film?

A film production is as much of an audio experience as it is a visual one. In any video production, the audio used is paramount in setting the overall tone and feel. From day one, I set out to produce ‘movie like’ experiences that are different to most wedding 'videos'. When you book a Wedding Videographer, you are booking a professional creative with skills and expertise. As a producer then, it’s important to me that I have full creative control and the ability to use my experience to produce a genuinely cinematic experience. For Copyright reasons, we cannot use unlicensed mainstream music in our wedding films and I use only the very best, fully licensed 'music for film' available. I truly believe what you hear in a wedding film is equally as important as what you see, therefore I politely ask that creative decisions such as choice of music, be left with me.

+ Do you provide all of the unusued or 'raw' footage from our day?

If you book Rowe Films to create your wedding film, you are paying for a high end production. Without getting too technical; due to the equipment I use and my style of shooting, 'raw' footage straight out of the camera is not intended to be viewed without any post-production work. The footage requires 'colour grading' as well as a considerable amount of time and effort to get each shot looking as beautiful as you see in my films. As well as that, I approach a wedding shoot creatively, rather than purely from a 'point and shoot' documentary style. This means that much of the footage captured during the day is almost experimental in nature and would be of little value to the viewer without post-production work and the context that comes with being included in a full film or 'story'. For these reasons, I do not provide unedited or unused footage.

+ How can we contact you to discuss our wedding?

You can submit the enquiry form at the bottom of this page to send me an enquiry and start your journey. I will respond as soon as possible. Another enquiry form, as well as my email address and telephone number can also be found on the CONTACT page of this website, however I recommend submitting the form at the bottom of this page first and foremost. I'd also recommend providing as many details as possible about your wedding in the form submission, as I will need to know this information to discuss your enquiry.


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