wedding videography north devon


Chrissie and Lawrence had the fabulous idea of celebrating their first wedding anniversary by having a special wedding blessing at a rural church in North Devon, a place very close to their hearts. As they did not have a wedding videographer at their actual wedding a year earlier, they wanted a highlights video produced, and the full blessing ceremony documented. I was delighted that they chose Rowe Films. 

The blessing took place in a small village church up on a cliff, just outside of Lynmouth, North Devon. The ceremony was lovely. Very low key, with their closest friends and family. Afterwards they had drinks on the lawn by the church, and we also managed to hop in the car and drive 5 minutes down the coastal road into Lynmouth to get some couple portrait shots. Both myself and the photographer were keen to do this as we know we could get some amazing material with such incredible scenery. Before we got to Lynmouth however, we just had to stop on the cliff top to get some shots. The views were genuinely breathtaking, as you will see from their film. 

Now you could say the weather didn't exactly play ball. Just to the rear of the church is the cliff top, with spectacular views down the stunning North Devon coast. Normally that is. Unfortunately in this one spot, sea fog was rolling in, up and over the cliff, blanketing the small village in dense fog. It was quite eerie at first, as it appeared to come from nowhere and all of a sudden objects just a few feet away disappeared behind a screen of white. It got so bad that at one point when I was making my way back to the pub from my car, a young girl quite literally emerged from the fog and asked where the pub was. I pointed to the blanket of white and told her it is over there, right there, just a few feet away, I promise! Off she ran and disappeared into the whiteness like a scene from 'Silent Hill'. Thankfully, she was safely inside when I got there! 

north devon fog video

From a videography perspective, the weather was just amazing. I would say my style of filmmaking is moody and atmospheric. Artistically, this is the look and feel I always seem to gravitate towards, even on bright sunny days. So this dramatic weather delivered mood and atmosphere by the bucket load, which is just what I love! Of course as a filmmaker I am going to make use of such production value! And then just a few yards down the road, we left the blanket of fog and pulled into bright sunshine in Lynmouth. It really was something else. You can actually see in the opening drone shots of their film, the sea fog rolling in only in one spot along the coast. This made for a very interesting dynamic for their film with the contrast between bleak, eerie fog and bright sunshine just down the road. So thank you to Mother Nature for providing me with such amazing scenery and dramatic weather. The interesting weather was also a great talking point for Chrissie and Lawrence's guests, so it far from ruined the fun!

Overall it was a lovely day and a very different dynamic to a wedding which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'd like to say thank you again to Chrissie and Lawrence for allowing me to be part of it. 

Here is their completed Highlights Film.