rockbeare manor devon wedding videography

Joanne & Matt’s big day was without doubt one of my favourite weddings to date. It really did have everything. When you have a Scottish bride and English groom, it was always going to be one hell of a party!

Joanne & Matt wisely chose the beautiful Rockbeare Manor for their special day. We had sunshine, a bouncy castle, live music from the amazing Phil Smyth as well as the New Heroes, Scottish dancing, hilarious speeches, a beautiful golden hour and sunset, as well as buckets of love and laughter. Oh and plenty of banter too!

I also had the pleasure of working once again with my good friend Alex Toze Wedding Photographer. He and I work very closely together and always approach a wedding day as a team. Most Wedding Videographers and Photographers will tell you, it always helps to have worked with each other before as you understand what each other needs and how you like to operate. When the heat is on, this really does help.

Jo and Matt were the perfect bride and groom, really. I couldn’t have asked for more. From the outset it was clear they were very enthusiastic about their videography and photography, which meant they were up for everything Alex and I suggested. When on camera, they were completely natural, and used the time just as we always suggest; to enjoy each other’s company and take it all in. Any bride and groom will tell you that a wedding day simply flies by. So that time together away from the hustle and bustle is the perfect opportunity to take a breather, and let it all sink in. Alex and I have exactly the same approach to the couple shoot. With only bits of direction here and there, the priority is always to have fun, make the most of the moment and let the couple simply be themselves. This way the resulting footage/photographs are real, honest, and you feel this in the completed wedding film.

Overall it was a fantastic day and one I will not forget in a hurry.

As a Wedding Videographer, I have developed a filmmaking style that you could describe as atmospheric, as well as slightly dark and moody. However that doesn’t fit every wedding. I always produce a film with the primary intention being to provide an accurate representation of the mood and tone of the day. Joanne & Matt’s day was full of laughter, and a cracking party. There was plenty of emotion too, so I have tried to represent this ‘feel’ in the completed film.

Here’s their Full Feature Film. Enjoy!