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Some couples understandably worry about rain on their wedding day. But when the outlook is truly bleak and you are situated on the edge of rugged Dartmoor, there’s no getting away from it.

You basically have two options. Let it spoil the fun, or just roll with it.


Despite the genuinely atrocious weather, nothing could have dampened Kathrina and Arthur’s breathtakingly beautiful wedding. The weather gods threw everything they could at us. A month’s worth of rain that never stopped and at times came in sideways. But Kat and Arthur embraced it, laughed about it, and absolutely smashed it. Hats off to them!

Buckfast Abbey is probably one of the most awe inspiring buildings I’ve ever stepped foot in, let alone had the honour of working in. It is simply stunning. Those incredible vaulted ceilings genuinely make your mouth drop. And of course, Bovey Castle is always extra special too. What a treat it was to work in such beautiful locations!

The day began with bride and groom preparations at Bovey Castle. When you arrive at the castle, you know you have rocked up to somewhere quite special as soon as the porter comes over to park your car for you. The bridal party were getting ready in one of the hotel’s beautiful suites. The gents were, well, basically just getting dressed and having a beer in one of the establishment’s lovely lodges, overlooking Dartmoor forests and a lake.

The lucky couple then had a number of Rolls Royce’ and Ferraris to ferry them on the 45 minute drive across bleak Dartmoor, to Buckfast Abbey.

The ceremony was simply stunning. I mean seriously, for us wedding videographers it really doesn’t get much better. Kat was carried into the Abbey and out of the rain by her father. Then having tied the knot, carried back out again by her new husband. This was a really lovely touch. We then headed back over Dartmoor (between soakings), past Hay Tor, and back to Bovey Castle for the Wedding Breakfast and evening reception. Then at the very end of the night, the grand finale. A fabulous fireworks display looking out over the castle’s grounds.

The weather undoubtedly led to considerable challenges from a filmmaking perspective. Several soakings throughout the day, wet equipment, wind noise, and not least very low light conditions. But at times like this, a different approach is required, which I always find fun. When you can’t rely on beautiful landscapes or a stunning golden hour shoot, you have to improvise and get creative. Making use of inside space and lovely directional window light, we never give up! As you will see from this film, the storm actually blessed us with buckets of mood and atmosphere, and led to a very different kind of wedding film.

So to any couples out there who worry about rain and/or stormy weather conditions on their wedding day; trust me, the weather in the UK really can’t get much worse than this, but look what still can be achieved. So I say, worry not!

I’d like to say a massive congratulations to Kathrina and Arthur. Thank you guys for being so awesome and allowing me to be part of what was a very special day indeed. Thank you.

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