Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?

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Do I Need a Wedding Videographer? 


If you ask almost any bride or groom what they remember about their special day, they will almost certainly tell you that it all went by so fast that most of it was just one big blur. There are some things that you may miss, or not have time to take in properly on the big day, such as the arrival of the groomsmen, the expressions on family faces when the bride approaches the alter, or grandparents on the dance floor. Perhaps you may be wondering what your own entrance felt like from everyone else’s perspective, or how you actually moved in that beautiful dress. Video is the future. It's interactive and engaging in ways that photography alone can't be. Do you want to remember what it felt like to listen to the father of the bride's speech, or that moment when the registrar says you are now husband and wife? A wedding videographer will capture all of these amazing moments from your wedding day and integrate them into one film that you can sit down and watch back with your nearest and dearest. Video allows you to literally relive those moments, whenever you want to. Although it is not a necessity, a professionally produced wedding film is undoubtedly the ultimate way of encapsulating the very essence of your special day. 

Isn't Photography enough?

Photographs are an incredibly important aspect of the wedding as those priceless pictures will be admired, displayed in frames or albums that you’ll want to look at again and again, and of course, the all important update of your social media profile pictures. A professional wedding photographer will capture those all important moments in an artistic and beautiful way. A way in which a family member with a compact camera simply can't. 

There is something very special about a picture that captures spontaneous moments, such as the first kiss, or when the groom sees the bride for the first time. Photographs are a snapshot in time. The first look the couple have on their wedding day is an utterly magical moment but imagine if it was captured on film as well – who wouldn’t want to watch it back in all its glory and relive that special moment?

A wedding film can tell a story in ways that photography alone cannot. It allows you to transport yourself back to that moment, feel the spirit and mood of the day, and remember exactly what it all felt like.  Photos as an art form will never become obsolete, and great wedding pictures are a real treasure. But wouldn’t you like to show your children, or grandchildren, or your closest friends, perhaps at your 30th anniversary party, what the day was really like? Video has a great power to bring people right back into that special time. Imagine it this way – if you had a chance to see a video of your grandparents or great-grandparents getting married, wouldn’t you love to see it?

If photographs are enough for you to be able to remember the wedding by, that’s absolutely fine, but if you want incredible moments captured in detail, the sound of the birds and the lapping of waves, and you want to remember the kind words that were spoken on the day, then hiring a wedding videographer would absolutely be the right decision for you, and one I believe you would not regret. In my opinion it should not be seen as photography vs videography. Both are of value, and together, they compliment each other beautifully. The most common comment I hear is from married couples that did not hire a videographer and wished they had. I cannot recall a time I heard a married couple wish they hadn't bothered.

Weddings are expensive events and budgets differ considerably. Arguably the most challenging part of arranging a wedding is deciding where your priorities lie, and making appropriate sacrifices. As a professional videographer I am no doubt biased, however I believe capturing your special day and those all important memories, so that you can relive them forever, should be well up there. 

"I don't like the idea of having another camera in my face all day"

Some couples may be put off by the though of having a second, or in some cases third camera following them around. However, the days of huge camera rigs like you would see on the set of a BBC broadcast, getting in the way and all up close and personal, are long gone. Modern camera technology is small and compact, which allows videographers to move around no differently to a photographer. Clever use of lenses allows you to obtain close up, personal shots, but from a distance. A professional videographer will know where to position themselves, and how to be inconspicuous throughout the day. The most common comment I hear from my clients is; "we didn't even realise you were there most of the time". And this is precisely what I try to achieve. My filming style is extremely natural, therefore it does me no favours if the subject is constantly aware of the camera's presence. My number one priority when filming a wedding is to be unobtrusive and ensure my clients, as well as their guests, enjoy the day as much as they possibly can. At the end of the day, this approach only means that the footage I get on the day is as memorable as possible! 

"What if we're a bit camera shy?"

There are some people out there that don't particularly enjoy being on camera. Well, being inconspicuous throughout the day also has it's part to play here, much like the above. But what about the bride and groom portraiture moments when we wonder off together to get some incredible footage somewhere stunning? I always strive for my footage to be as natural as possible. I like to build up a relationship with my clients so that we feel comfortable with each other throughout the process. My aim for the bride & groom portrait shots is for you to go off, spend 10 minutes together and have a chance to properly take it all in. Your wedding day can be quite intense, so use this time not to worry about posing for the camera, but to enjoy each others company, have a laugh together and most importantly, take a breather! I encourage couples to just be themselves, and I've never had any complaints about my approach yet.

"I've been looking at wedding videos but they all look a bit, dated" 

Wedding videography has come on a long way in a relatively short period of time. Sure, those wedding videos that look like they were shot in the 1990's still very much exist, but the general calibre of wedding film is only going in one direction. There are many reasons for this, but the most important aspect to consider here is the style of filmmaker. I believe they currently fall into two categories; documentary style, or a more cinematic/artistic approach. Rowe Films is all about that cinematic look. I do everything possible to make my films feel more like a mini Hollywood production than a home movie from 1997. But what allows those of us who aim for that style of film to actually pull it off? Technological advancement, in a nutshell. Never before has high quality 'cinema' level equipment been so accessible or so affordable. In just a few short years, cameras and lenses capable of shooting footage to this standard have gone from costing tens of thousands of pounds each, to a fraction of that price. I use professional DSLR's instead of 'camcorder' type cameras, and 'cinema' lenses designed for video work. Of course this is taken to another level again with the fairly recent advancement in drone technology. To achieve those stunning aerial shots used to involve hiring a helicopter and strapping a huge camera rig to it. Not anymore. Stunning aerial videography is accessible and will only serve to enhance the cinematic value of your film. Creative use of frame rates and slow motion also help to replicate the movie look. But without a doubt the most important part of the filmmaking process, for achieving a cinematic look to your work, is in post-production, or the editing stage. Proper colour correction and then adding a cinematic colour grading to the footage is the finishing touch, and then it's all about the storytelling. The trick is to create a genuine narrative and use music strategically to set the tone. Understanding music and how it affects human perceptions is an absolute must. Rowe Films' mission is to create films that look, sound, and feel like mini-movies. Movies that tell your story in the most artistic and touching way possible. I would urge anyone concerned that wedding videos look 'dated' to check out my work! 

I hope this post has helped you decide whether or not to hire a videographer for your wedding. I know of far too many people who saw videography as a "luxury" and absolutely lived to regret not having that extra dimension afterwards. My advice would be to not make the same mistake. So if you have now decided that you do want your wedding to be captured in cinematic film, get in touch with me today!